PERMANENT OBSCURITY Or Perhaps The Last Bohemian Novel

posted on 25 Jun 2015 16:56 by impartialvegeta29
ProsEntertaining comedy of excess. Full ReviewThe concept of the alienated boho artist may be an outdated one within our culture. A wild and fun page turner. A wild and fun page turner. ConsNot recommended for minors.

Dolores can be a pothead, Serena a snow queen. The question remains: is any better? Or even possible?This is a novel of a subculture primarily. The question remains: is any better? Or even possible?This is a bdsm spank novel about a subculture primarily. The problem is, drugs. Artistville.

BOOK REVIEW by Gianna PorcelliAppropriating the form of the sexploitation novel (think of PIMP by Iceberg Slim), Richard Perez\'s PERMANENT OBSCURITY tells the tale of two women \"on the outs\" -- that\'s to say, broke or destitute. This is maybe unusual, but it isn\'t uncommon or unique, so even when long-term chastity can be your desire, it\'s probably worth giving these simpler devices a go. The novel contains a staggering amount of profanity, where there are times if the sexual nature of the fabric is a bit difficult to take. (The subtitle of this novel gives some clue of the direction the tale is headed-minus the irony. I purchased this book through Amazon.

In the end, the past real bohemian mentioned may not be Dolores Santana or Serena Moon, the would-be arty Thelma & Louise of this novel, nevertheless the alienated character of Dick, the self-reflexive, self-sabotaging author of this drug-demented descent, who crashes and burns in spectacular fashion, even forecasting their own unsettling fate with surreal accuracy. In this climate of fear and self-loathing and isolationism, PERMANENT OBSCURITY tells the seedy yarn of Dolores and Serena, two East Village archetypes, who puff and snort their method to infamy after committing an act of Abu Ghraib-style one-upsmanship using a perverted twist. Drugs play a component -- a huge part -- both within this story and in this culture: this subterranean socio-class of disgruntled and angry artists (or would-be artists). But, within the degenerated drug-addled condition they\'re in, just shooting the very first becomes an epic nightmare neither one of them could have imagined. This is not a mainstream book due to its subject matter and language.

After all, the Internet has given millions of alienated weirdos the illusion of belonging, of \"community. Grub Street, more accurately named, perhaps. You might perhaps be pleasantly surprised.

For the surprising, twisted ending alone, PERMANENT OBSCURITY may be valued at seeking out. . . . The way I see it, there\'s no doubt: should you really want to enjoy a male chastity belt towards the full, then locking your man in a steel chastity belt becomes almost unavoidable.